ETN's motto is "Learning by moving" where moving means change

Today we are connected to everything. We can talk to the world without leaving our room. 
However, this could also be a new form of barrier. That's why we believe that traveling is an excellent answer to this virtual wall and a great way to learn. This is why we create connections.

Every day we help people to meet each other: we help students gain new skills, we help companies discover new energies, the freshness and the dreams of European students from all over Europe. 
Every day we help teachers improve the writing and skills of projects, we offer them software platforms to manage their projects, we help them consider student mobility as a "must" for school programs. Every day we take care of hundreds of students in our 6 training agencies located in 6 European countries. Every year we host more than 4000 students and teachers through the Erasmus+ program. 1 in 3 of these students and teachers return to the city where they have been with their friends, parents, boyfriends or girlfriends to share the "second home".

Mobility changes you, in many ways. It helps students understand that there is a world outside their small room. It helps them understand that Europe is a great place to stay, where differences means richness and ideas are always appreciated, no matter your religion or the country you come from.

Helping young people and adults to move, meet each other and learn is in our DNA. It’s our mission. Our goal is to make the new generations feel that there is a network of experiences, opportunities, people and places to be part of. And we need a Europe that is the common destiny of our future.

With the growth of networks, the promotion of people’s mobility becomes the insurance policy for the European dream, for that smart, sustainable and integrated Europe we want. The Erasmus project and the Leonardo program made it possible to create the first true generation of Europeans. And once again, this is proof that dreams and love can really save our world.

ragazzi erasmus
ragazzi mappamondo
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How do we support you?

1° STEP - Erasmus implementation and presentation

  • Assistance during the design of the ERASMUS project (free of charge)
  • 2° STEP - After the project has been approved


  • Tailored training course (internship in a company)
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation of the internship (ECVET procedures)
  • Reporting
  • Certifications
  • Tutoring

  • Tutoring and monitoring of the training experience
  • Platform shared between ETN and the partner to visualize the project management progress (BIG BANG platform)
  • Organization and logistics

  • Room and board
  • Transfer
  • Flight
  • Local transports

  • Experience tutor (they organizes students' free time - free of charge)
  • 24/7 assistance
  • cultural activities
  • 3° STEP - At the end of the project

  • Mobility Tool
  • Final Report
  • Our agencies

    With 6 agencies specialized in training in mobility, Education and Training Network is a leader in the management of mobility projects for European students.

    Our training agencies, Training Vision, Berlink, Bulgaria Gateway, Tribeka, Training Vision Ireland and Sistema Turismo, are an integral part of a system based on reliability and versatility.

    Like the links of a chain, they complement and reinforce each other creating a bond of professionalism and stability where each student finds their best dimension.

    our Tour
    sistema turismo

    Sistema Turismo (Rimini e Potenza Italy)

    bulgaria gateway

    Bulgaria Gateway (Sofia, Bulgaria)

    training vision

    Training Vision (Portsmouth, UK)


    Berlink (Berlin, Germany)


    Tribeka (Malaga, Spain)

    training vision Ireland

    Training Vision Ireland (Cork, Ireland)


    Last year, for the fourth consecutive year, ETN won the award as "Work Experience Provider" at the Study Travel Star Awards in London.

    This is an important recognition for our long-standing partnership activity, which sees us as winners thanks to the votes of our partners.