Training Vision is a Training British company which is concerned with the planning and management of international mobility and dducational projects in several fields. We receive beneficiaries from all over Europe and we organise for them work placements in different vocational areas, learning outcomes assessment following the European Credit Transfer System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) procedure. Training Vision also organises professional visits, socio-cultural programmes and provides high qualified seminars, trainings and structured courses. Our mission is to provide quality training experiences in order to increase beneficiaries’ career prospects and personal prosperity.


Portsmouth a city focused on life-long learning. The city and surrounding region have a variety of 16+ colleges with a diverse range of specialisations. Portsmouth boasts as well a world-class university which continues to heavily invest in the city. Portsmouth caters for all tastes with two theatres, five cinemas, an art gallery, libraries, markets, music venues, museums, restaurants, cafes, as well as lots of tourism attractions and festivals from which local residents benefit.

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